1 Day Itinerary for Pushkar | India’s Best Holy City [2024]

So, you are here to know what a 1 day itinerary for Pushkar looks like. Pushkar is a small town in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. It’s a small town which you can easily visit in 1 day. It’s a small place but not by its religious and historical background. It is also one of the 5 holy Dhams of the Hindu religion. Pushkar is a unique town which attracts just not only Hindu devotees but also a lot of foreigners. A strange fact but Pushkar also attracts Hippie foreigners who stay here for months to live a slow-paced life with a bit of weed as well.

So, let’s begin your 1 day in Pushkar.

1 Day Itinerary for Pushkar

Visit Early in the morning

Try to visit the town such that you are in the town in the early morning. What you can do is you can first Jaipur and leave in the early morning for Pushkar from Jaipur which will take just 3 hrs max by car or can go with the RSTC bus via Ajmer. Another idea is to visit Pushkar in the night before you want to visit and stay there for the night.

Pushkar Lake

Start your 1 day in Pushkar from the holiest Pushkar Lake. If you visit the lake very early then you can feel its real beauty and also can meditate there before the whole of Pushkar wakes up.

Pushkar Lake is the crown jewel of Pushkar, super holy for Hindus. They say a dip in the water washes away your bad deeds. The lake is lined with 52 special spots to step into the water, each one important in its own way. At night, during the aarti ceremony, the lake comes alive with tons of flickering lamps, making it magical. It’s one of the most important pilgrimage places for Hindus, and it’s even mentioned in super-old stories like the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

It will take you around 2 hrs to completely view the lake and also click some pictures as well.

Visiting Holy Temples

There are several important temples in Pushkar and you can’t visit all the temples. So we can visit some of them in a day.

Temples in Pushkar:

  • Brahma Temple
  • Varaha Temple
  • Savitri Temple
  • Aptaeshwar Temple
  • Rangji Temple
  • And more

The most important temple to visit is the Brahma Temple. It is the only Brahma Temple in the world so you can’t miss this.

So our plan will be to first visit Brahma Temple first. And then visit Savitri Temple, in the evening to visit the temple as well as the view of the whole Puskhar from the top of the hill.

Brahma Temple

The Brahma Temple, or Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, stands proudly as a cultural gem in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India. Hindus hold it in high regard, considering it the sole temple devoted to Lord Brahma, a pivotal figure in the Hindu trinity.

If you plan to visit, note that the temple welcomes the public during specific hours, usually from 9 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM. However, it’s wise to verify these timings beforehand to ensure a smooth visit.

Maintain a modest dress code and a respectful demeanour when exploring the temple, as is customary in places of worship. Remember, photography is generally restricted within the sanctum sanctorum.

You can learn more about the Brahma temple here.

Eat food at Pushkar Lake with a view

After visiting the Brahma temple, you must be hungry. So, get back to Pushkar Lake and eat at one of the restaurants on the lakeside. You can eat delicious local cuisines such as parathas, dal, churma, gatte ki sabji, etc. If you are a foreigner, don’t get sad Pushkar also has a lot of Western food options as well such as salads, sandwiches, smoothies, etc. So that everyone is happy with their stomach filled.

Visit Savitri Mata Temple at Sunset

Now with you stomach filled its time to digest it with a good little climb with a beautiful view from the Savitri Mata Temple.

This sacred spot is dedicated to Goddess Savitri, the first wife of Lord Brahma, the amazing creator god in Hindu stories.

If you’re up for a bit of adventure, reaching the temple involves climbing 970 steps. But don’t worry, the climb comes with the most awesome views of Pushkar Lake and the pretty Aravalli Hills. If you’re more of a relaxed explorer, there’s a ropeway available to whisk you up with ease.

The temple is like a happy host, welcoming visitors every day from 5 AM to 12 PM and then again from 4 PM to 9 PM. And guess what? No entry fee required! But, a tiny donation is a sweet tradition. Remember to wear something simple and show off your best behavior – it’s a temple after all! Oh, and keep that camera in check because taking pictures inside the main area is a no-go.

Here’s the cool part: visiting Savitri Temple isn’t just about blessings. It’s like a spiritual journey with bonus points for the breathtaking views. Imagine soaking in the peaceful vibes at the hilltop and capturing stunning panoramas of the city and the surrounding landscapes. It’s like spirituality with a view – a total must-visit for anyone checking out Pushkar! 🌄✨

Attend Holy Aarti at Ghats

After coming down from the Savitri Mata temple, come back to the city’s main attraction the Pushkar Lake and attend aarti at Varah Ghat. At Varah Ghat aartl happens every day at around 7 PM in summer and 5:30 PM in winter.

Enjoy Nightlife

At night the lake side ghats become active and you can feel a different emotion compared to what you felt in the morning. At night you can explore the local street food around Main Market Square and also can do shopping at Safar Bazaar. Also, many of the temples are open till 9 PM so if you want to visit some you can. Or else if you have come with your friends then just sit at the lakeside and just have a chat and remember your old days and remember that this time won’t come back.


So that’s your 1 day itinerary for Pushkar. So now if someone asks you what to do in 1 day in Pushkar you know the answer. In short, Pushkar is a small town with great religious importance which you can visit in 1 day and if you want to just relax it is the place as a lot of hippie foreigners also come here and stay for months here.

Want to know what Pushkar is known for? Check this out.


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